Windows Of Illusion

On Netflix, a wall of icons is appearing : each one of them is a window, a promise for a getaway,
So many promises for suffering,
To the one getting lost in this forest of icons,
And keeps walking further away from any liberating experience.

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  1. I recall the words of a song, by Clannad, I think.

    Something like:
    « … People should be quiet –
    Don’t we give them good TV?
    You can learn to love your lifetime of distraction.
    Nothing on the inside , nothing on the outside,
    All the way from A to Z.
    I can live without that kind of satisfaction. »

    From memory, so may be misquoted.

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    1. Hello Simon,
      Much to-the-point indeed.
      I used to listen to Clannad a lot when I was younger, but have no memory of this song.

      This makes me want to listen to those songs again .
      I also remember Marie Brennan (unsure spelling), with very interesting solo projects.

      « I can live without that kind of satisfaction »…
      this is the conclusion of the disciple on the Way : realizing that artificial struts are eventually unnecessary,
      That all the tarpaulins they used were merely hiding a view opening onto…

      have a very nice Sunday, Simon.

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      1. There is a good deal of wisdom hiding in plain sight, for those who will see and listen. From the story tellers and philosophers of antiquity to the artists of today.

        I see much to connect the shamanic style practitioner and the lyricist (I do not say « the shaman » out of respect for those to whom that practice is indigenous), and I wonder if every painting is, in some sense, a mandala, in its effect if not technically so.

        It seems to me one should never dismiss the insight of art (as per Clannad’s song). One should never allow art to act as an easy distraction (as per the froth of YouTube). Balance.

        Have a good day also.

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