Hiding Place

Could it be that the esoteric part of Christ’s teaching,
Whose existence has been claimed to lie in apocryphal Gospels,
Actually stands in the canonical Gospels ?

Could it be that those who hoped to use the Gospel as a tool for mass manipulation or political opportunism,
Missed it completely, and left it untouched ?

There is no better hiding place to preserve a precious teaching than to actually sew it amid the very fabric of the words aimed at the masses.
Everyone would therefore be looking at it, reading it, talking about it,
But only those whose internal alignment and practice allow it, would be able to receive this teaching.

This is why there is no need to keep an open eye,
When your eyes are open, you’ll see.

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  1. This, for me, is a difficult one. I have wondered whether to comment.

    The obvious question is « what esoteric teaching ». But, actually, I suspect that is not the point. Therefore, I will limit myself to this.

    I wonder if it is ever a good idea to raise a written account – of whatever antiquity – to the level where it becomes an arbiter of conscience. That gives power to the religious leader, rather than a source of inspiration to the individual.

    I have no quarrel with any who find such inspiration in such scripture, however, regardless of the source of the literature. Only with those who strangle it. A point which, I think, is within the questions you raise.

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    1. Very interesting point, Simon.
      I would say the teaching does not lay in the text…but once the ‘Inner Arbiter of Conscience’ is ready/ opened / awakened, it is ripe enough to meet the text and drink the sap.
      Sorry for this poor quality metaphor…but I’m sure you understand what I mean.

      It’ll end this comment with something that I once heard from one of Alan Watts’ talks : If you’re awakened I does not matter whether you read the Bible, the Koran, or the Upanishads,
      you’d read the phone book or the local newspaper and it would be the most marvelous, wisdom-filled content you’ve ever encountered (from memory)

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      1. Well, I find the concept of a spiritual reading of the phone book… quite hilarious.

        I might go even further. The concept (or none) of deity, the preferred philosophical platform, the taste in music or visual art, all this and more becomes, ultimately, irrelevant , I suspect.

        However, I fear I am in danger of straying into the nature and function of symbolism, which, to inelegantly mix two English metaphors, is a whole different kettle of ball games!

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