The Slip Of Faith

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, the leap of faith is much more important in the path of knowledge (Jnana) than in that of devotion (Bhakti).
In this latter, and without necessarily seeking to establish an artificial hierarchy between Jnana and Bhakti, since there can be a form of devotion which has soaked in knowledge and conversely, a leap of faith is less total in the spirituality of devotion, for it remains spotted with dualism.

The disciple, in fact, even if he sets up the logistics for the profound changes, continues to operate from his usual mode of being.

Strictly speaking there is no such thing as a ‘leap’.
The disciple on the Path of Knowledge keeps jumping from the person he was
until he reaches a deeper layer of consciousness,
until he abandons the platform of his initial being.
This process is inherent to the investigation of the layers of consciousness,
More than a leap of faith, it could be more appropriate to speak about a ‘slip’ consubstantial to the Path.


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  1. Does one jump, or « dig » to a deeper layer, then jump, or soar » to a higher? Is there a difference?

    Again, I see this not really a matter of faith. That may be a difference in terminology. Perhaps a matter, rather, of persistence? Maybe questing or enquiry? Perhaps even a certain obstinacy? All these could be a part of perseverance in a path of constant becoming, of development?

    But faith? It would be interesting to know what that word means to you. I suspect not what it means to me.

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    1. Faith is the opposite of efforts accomplished from the ego-platform,
      The non-grasping approach at reality.

      Sole Gratia. (Spelling unchecked)
      I believe we don’t have much to do in the process,
      Which makes our agitation an endlessly funny phenomenon to watch.

      Persistence, efforts sure don’t mean much to me, as I have been given to contemplate how much of a dead end they represent.

      A calling from the depths,

      Have a good day, Simon

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      1. Ah – doing without trying? Perhaps what I have in mind with the words: « it is better to be than to do »?

        As you may have gathered elsewhere, faith, to me, is an unquestioning acceptance of doctrine, and something I reject. But words are annoyingly imprecise, and we can find ourselves too easily at cross-purposes.

        I’m not sure I would see « persistence » as so active either. But that requires more thought.

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