Entangled In Opportunities

I am going through a highly surprising moment when all the mundane ambitions I had feverishly fed more or less consciously, fall down on the floor.
Like skins from a completing sloughing.

This is happening to such an extent that, should all previously wished-for occasions manifest, I would not feel the least hint of satisfaction but would find myself clumsily tangled up,
and look for a way out as quickly as possible.

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  1. These are surprising times. A recent exchange with you prompted thoughts about symbols. Not yet sufficiently articulated, but I will return to that in the not very distant future. If I understood correctly your post in French on collective conscience, that also may have a bearing. A development of ideas I did not expect.

    Material ambition has never burned brightly within me, however, and advancing years grant a more detached perspective. But for something so sudden as you describe – that, I think, perhaps you should explore.

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  2. Oh Simon, the wild fever of ambition has left me a long time ago…
    I am here discussing what people might consider as very commonplace.
    It is even likely most people would not even deem those ‘spiking’ enough to be named ambitions.
    I have approached mundane realization close enough to see through the glitter.
    But one has to watch out…the jack-in-the-box- of worldly success may be looking out on the street corner, ready to jump at our face.
    Well, this is a riptide talk (does this make sense, as an expression ??)

    the French post was a quote from a book which I had already read a while ago and am now scrutinizing more closely…just a quote, none of this material is mine.
    I simply had the idea to share it as inspiration for our weekly and highly informal )practice sessions
    Thich Nhat Hanh, in this book comments the 50 verses on consciousness, a classic Buddhist text.

    this is the original version, in English.

    This monk is very surprising…much acclaimed for his widely accessible approach to mindfulness in our daily life, he’s also a well-versed expert/scholar in Buddhist philosophy/psychology as it is revealed through this book.

    Thank you very much for reading those few line, Simon,
    Have a great day,


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  3. I’ve never heard of a « riptide talk » before. A quick internet search suggests the single word morphology is American (UK: « rip tide ») and has a secondary meaning of confusing or overwhelming, not found in the Oxford English dictionaries. Is that what you meant?

    If you intended to post a link to an English translation, I cannot activate it. No matter. I’ll run your post through a translation programme at greater leisure.

    A sloughing of the commonplace may be more important than of high flying ambition, and worth greater attention. It has the potential to have a closer connection to you, though I speak very speculatively.

    Enjoy your day also.

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  4. I believe ‘counter current’//against thé tide is more adapted.

    It was a link to :’50 verses on the nature of consciousness’, by TNH
    Original written I’m English.

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  5. I have translated the post and will keep an eye out for the book, thanks.

    Perhaps « counter cultural »? Though that does not sound quite right in context. « A discussion that is swimming against the tide », maybe?

    Right, lunchtime beckons…!


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