Music / Spirituality

The same holds true for music and spirituality.
It is possible to have read all music manuals, every article about counterpoint, to know it all about composers’ biographies, to perfectly classify every piece in the appropriate style and chronology,
And, in the same time, lay one’s hand on an instrument in the most shallow manner, and thereby miss the opportunity to touch anyone without even realizing it.

Then, one solitary soul comes in and places the Heart in the Purest Scripture and will simmer with the most creative youth,
One that the most learned scholars among musicologists would not dare to imagine.
All this happening in a disarming simplicity.
All reality set in motion as the hands touch the instrument. Nothing else matters.

Who can really pretend to know the fruits hanging on the branches that a tree offers out to us.
As far as we can see, those branches are swallowed in the clouds of oblivion.

FJ Fev 2022
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  1. The technician and the artist. They may be the same. Often, they are not. The same is true of literature and visual art. A painting, for instance, can be done with perfect technical results. But a child may scribble a cartoon face with far greater effect.

    And the child might see to the heart of a matter and speak more directly than any adult.

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    1. very ‘true’…
      And the holiness of a text is not correlated to literary skills.
      Also, skills are often about mastering tricks,
      reality is no about tricks.

      Have a nice Sunday, Simon,
      May you take inspired photographs…

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      1. Ah, the word « true » in inverted commas. I like that…

        But now I must wrestle with holiness and inspiration. You have a way of raising questions – possibly unintentionally.

        One thought, however. An act that is done once may be difficult, but becomes easier with practice. Eventually, constant repetition might render it practically natural to the practitioner.

        Perhaps the practitioner touches the central artistic worth of his or her activity when reaching that stage of instinctive action. Perhaps the absence of artistry betrays a need to concentrate too hard – and hence simplicity is found either in the ease of the unpracticed or of those who have gone « beyond » practice, as both act instinctively and naturally.

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