Consciousness Strata

I believe in the power of Dreams.
How could it be otherwise ? They are the wealth of my existence.
I believe in Consciousness strata.
The orientation of the prism determines how the spectrum projects.

Whenever I talk about this or call them back to memory,
The shape they take through words of thought material
Has not much to do with the trace they leave in consciousness.

Ahead of all language attempts at ordering the inner world, those experiences happen.
There, information is not watered down.
On one side of the line, dreams,
On the other, Consciousness Investigation :
The sense of existence.

Fev 2022
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3 commentaires

    1. I see this as sailing boat across the ocean.
      Day time is above,
      night time is underneath.

      One boat floating in two ‘realities’.

      NIght realities may even be more real, more important than what happens between two nights.


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