Just Like A Child

The teaching of Huang Po is really making me laugh.
A laugh which comes bursting –not necessarily voiced – and sweeping along a tremendous joy.

Those sparkles of Dharma are even funnier when there is not a soul around to resonate with a smile.

I feel like a child, like a kid playing a trick.

Throughout those collective practice / reading sessions, when I get to read passages from Huang Po,
his words come tickling, scratching everyone else’s psychological comfort, the habits of representations,
They turn tables over, throwing all board games on the floor in a mess making all games impossible to resume,
They come shrieking in our ear in a humorous twist…

This teaching doubles you up with laughter : this is an indicator showing you a thermometer.
This thermometer is planted in my heart.
This Huang Po is a true friend of mine. This is weird, right ?

He would make such a perfect recruit from our non-synchronous family.
Anachronic ? No : this so-called linearity of time is unfit to schedule the possibility of meeting.

(note from a talk)

March 2022
Recueils / Participation
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7 commentaires

      1. Mine or Huang Po’s
        (Mine wasn’t sarcastic at all…I really have a childish joy reading Huang Po)


    1. I’m kidding sorry.
      what am I reading?

      These days …not much
      Huang Po.
      N. Maharaja, I Am that,
      Schuon, Understanding Islam,

      And you?
      What content would you recommend to straighten a twisted narrative?

      Thanks for reading this on a Monday afternoon.


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