Zazen Responds

To the saturation of our psychological field,
Zazen responds by increasing our buffer memory.

To the impending smothering event, due to the rising level of water,
Zazen responds by opening unexpected air pockets.

FJ March 2022
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    1. Hello Simon,
      thanks for letting me know about this.
      I think I meant (..Although it is a recent post it was written a while ago) to draw a parallel between our surface psychological functioning and what I believe I know about the way computers work…
      Increasing the capacity of buffer memory provides extra space and can literally insufflate a regain of ‘youth’ to that device.
      This sounds terribly sloppy, I’m sorry.

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  1. I think I understand. « Insufflate » suggests no real distinction between this idea and the « pockets of air » – different phraseology, same concept. Which creates, in my mind, the rather entertaining notion of Zazen as mind expanding, therefore « psychedelic ». I’ll play with that one for a while… 👍
    Not sure if we work like computers, though. And my interpretation of « memory as buffer » may have some unfortunate ramifications. Memory as the bulwark against present experience, or the filter by which that experience is interpreted? And is there a distinction?

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    1. Yes. Same idea.
      Presented in a different lexical package.
      Sane content, alternative imagery.
      Useless from a semantic point of view., you re right, though.
      Just a note, straight out of the notebook.
      If it once spoke to me it might speak to someone else…who knows.

      Thanks for your attentiveness, Simon.

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