The Concert All Around

To the awakened soul, every sound in our daily lives participates in a subtle and delicious symphony.
A spoon stirring a cup of tea, a cup touching the table, a tap that is turned on, then off, the cat’s paws on the wooden floor, a closing door, one step, one step, one step….the chair.

©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all.

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  1. Ah – coffee and the chair. That is what you were aiming for!!! (I jest – I think!)

    I have found myself curiously distanced of late. As if the senses are more on the « outside », perceiving the world. Sights, sounds, odours, all become more detailed – there to be noticed. I’ve been able to achieve this for years, but it seems to be easier, somehow.

    But I do not claim to be « awakened ». Sometimes, I’m not even sure I am awake, rather than dreaming.

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    1. claiming awakening is a sure indicator of the amount of work still left to accomplish.
      Worse : claiming the above, wishing to appear awakened doing so.
      Arrgh !! Convoluted human mind, let go off me !!


    2. More seriously, what you’re saying makes me thing a passages from Nisargadatta Maharaj, « I am’.

      The impossibility to explain why, how and when is, to me, a blessing and should remain as such.

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