My Mind On Other Things

I wish that, on this evening, May 30th, 2020,
That the whole Cosmos,
Everything it carries, and everything that carried this planet,
Forgave me for not having been present on the endless list of appointments I had…

I had my mind on other things.

This excuse is derisory : you heard it a thousand times.
I thought of myself as powerful enough to change the course of destiny.

My Lover was waiting for me all along, sitting on the stairs,

While I was keeping myself busy with worldly matters.

My tears, tonight are watering down
The omnipresence of trifling business.
I barely dare to turn around and see
If She is still sitting there, waiting for me.

©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all.

7 commentaires

  1. I am unsure if there is more behind these words than appear on the surface.
    One should never seek forgiveness for walking away from trivialities, however important they seem to those whose world is encompassed by them. Only for ignoring the important things at the behest of that trivia. Only for failing to be oneself, or to represent oneself before those that matter beyond money or status.
    The most important source from which to seek that forgiveness, perhaps, is oneself.

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    1. Writing can hardly come short of duality.
      A detour through mirrors of personification.
      What matters is not in the mirror.

      « Words,words, words… »
      Investing more in words than what they re able to offer is a sure way to suffering.

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      1. no.
        telepathy work fine…but the delivery receipt process remains uncertain…
        Eventually, for all of us, I guess silence will do.

        I remember Maharshi’s words on Silent teaching, which he valued more than any conventional language development.
        Am thinking of I shin den shin : silent transmission in Zen

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