Nothing Up My Sleeves

Look at Man:
He spends his life creating a diversion.
Man is nothing but a salon magician.
Ignorant enough to delude himself, to be amazed, to applaud his own sleights of hand.
Behind the scenes, Man does a series of magic tricks.
The world of wonders unfolds a few meters only away from him.
Meanwhile, he makes sure there’s nothing up his sleeves
And fools himself one more time.

©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all.

Un commentaire

  1. Magic is illusion.
    We build a world of illusion through our senses.
    Our worlds, therefore, are magical. But that is not the blessing it sounds. The word is misused so often. It is accurately taken to mean « charming », even « diverting ». A curse, rather. A trap.
    But magic, if it has any validity, perhaps is this: reality is mind; but not the distraction that senses impose upon us.

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