2 Modes Of Existence

There are two modalities to actually experience an event,
This statement can be broadened to two manners of going through life.
Each modality comes in a wide range of different shades, and each end of the spectrum expresses the pathological expression of the corresponding polarity.

On one side, life is experienced on a scale of anxiety, from an unclear feeling of discomfort to invalidating dread.
On the other, we cross life oscillating between a slight lightness of heart and sheer carelessness.

These two polarities are not disconnected from one another and are linked by a surprising tunnel leads us to think that it is the event that we experience which carries in itself features of anxiety or lightness, that all we can do is hope to go through less of the former and more of the latter.

The persisting characteristic of such a belief may come as a surprise, for life teaches us that an event we have deemed as lighthearted and entertaining may turn out to be conveying a high degree of anxiety following an unexpected twist.
Conversely, slices of life we would naturally be reluctant to engage in may later reveal a high potential of joy.
Phenomena are far too versatile to be definitely called anxious or joyful.

In reality, a phenomenon is simply…a phenomenon, and the modality through which we experience it is inherent to the agent going experiencing it (ourselves).
Some people move through existence with an amused perspective, and play their way through life in spite of challenges and obstacles, while others will tend to consider a happy phenomenon with an eye of angst and a tensed emotional state.

Although nothing is ever set in stone, the circuits of modalities we follow the most will deepen their furrows and trap us down in their psychological paths. Eventually, they may become the only path we know.

©FJ March 2022
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  1. A treatise on the necessity of balance. But the point of balance, corresponding in my outlook to the ancient Egyptian concept of Ma’at, must be detached from the extremes the level of which it measures – as the sharp point at the centre of the beam of an old fashioned scales.
    Maybe that is the picture of Ma’at, weighing the heart against a feather.

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