Inner Compass : Can you Feel The Center Quaking ?

Faced with changes in society
Those that we are forced to swallow through all our senses,
Whose trivialization is claimed in order to justify the installation of this claimed trivialization, Those that are hammered to the depths of our children’s structures,
Fragmenting, fragmenting, until crumbs of identities
Are all that remains from the unified mirror, mosaic of disfigured souls

I invite you to observe
The inner needle as it starts panicking,
The ages-old tranquility of its alignment with the Eternal Pole
Is now under attack by organized pulsations emanating from artificial poles.

I invite you to listen to what is crying foul,
To the taking of hostages, to the shameless looting,
What rises up, screams against forced implantation,
Violent appropriation, night uprooting.

Because feeling we have lost the Center,
Is already feeling the Center that we have lost.

From there, see the ten thousand lost beings,
Daubed with acidic cosmetics.

©FJ March 2022
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Many thanks to all

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