Aquarium Visit Vs. Ocean Dive

Night reading, as a strategy to bringing back inner calm, to carry us back in the sand of sleep, is highly interesting.
Night reading allows to re-colonize mental processes that had been given over to the anarchy or raw words.
Our daytime rationalizing mechanisms are ineffective.

Through night reading – and writing – practice, we can inhabit these channel deeply.
There are similarities between this approach and a therapeutic perspective : through the intervention of the book – or the therapist’s – we regain enough hold on those mind energies to start functioning again and move towards a more stable inner ground.

Another approach, much more radical, blunt, direct would be to instantly dive into the darkness of this night ocean and observe all undercurrents at play in vivo.

©FJ March 2022
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    1. I had this same hesitation regarding the meaning of night reading and wasn’t exactly sure it meant what I wanted it to : reading during nighttime.
      NIght reading, as you note it, sounds a lot like fortune telling,
      Sky scrutinizing
      Cosmos deciphering.
      Soul piercing.

      Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Oh yes…night as a wearable device.
      I never realized I always carried my night with me wherever I went.. A pocket night.

      Thanks Simon.


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