Think Tank

How many more years shall I spend
Hanging around in the rancid juice of thoughts ?

Operating from the mind module is dipping into the tank of thoughts.

By capillarity, they diffuse a bitter smell in our body and mind.
They make our heads spin and intoxicate us with their harmful scents.

Out of these emanations, we produce more thoughts, streaming down our bodies
Slices of bitterness, laminating pupils.

In a closed circuit, we live next to it.
Practicing Zazen, we haul ourselves and step over the tank, discover the breath which feeds our being in a new way.
And from there, existing…

©FJ March 2022
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Many thanks to all

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    1. It is not because I express it through thoughts that you do not understand is on another level.

      THe same thing happens with Scriptures :
      A thought-based understanding makes them perfectly understandable, ..people may even start to build up whole theological contents and make this one last for centuries.
      Still, wanderer may come one day and read those thoughts (language-based elements) from a deeper level, receive them differently.
      For the soil was ploughed,

      I SHIN DEN SHIN (wordless transmission modality FromMaster to disciple // The Buddha and Mahakashyapa Flower episode)

      (this is not a zen refence,
      this is a reference to LIfe itself.)

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      1. Yet I know of no expressed concept of « another level »..
        Precisely because there is known,
        Our ‘not-knowing’ is the gate.
        As long as attempts of ‘knowing’ have not surrendered, there can be no ‘knowing’.
        One word,
        two levels.

        It only gets circular as long as we remain in the tautological circuit you referred to.

        And below our necessary (?) use of words to communicate about it,
        ‘it’ happens,
        Sometimes, it pierces through the crust
        In any case, should it pierce, words wouldn’t matter that much.

        No matter how you dress a beautiful woman,
        She remains so.

        Word – clothes
        Woman – core truth

        (please apologise for this poorly inspired analogy,
        it is doing its job in my mind though.)

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      2. Ah – « truth ». Now there is a word I seek to avoid. To use your analogy, what is a beautiful woman is rather subjective. Truth can be equally so. I know of claims of absolute « truth » I consider to be errant and malicious lies. Yet, presumably, to those who make those claims, the truth remains undeniable. However insistently I deny it.
        Words are inexact, thoughts ill-defined, and certainties deceptively dangerous.
        What do I know beyond thought? I begin to wonder if thought itself is an ill defined concept, inexactly expressed.
        On this, I must think – perhaps, unfortunately – further.

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