Morning Desire

The most appropriate moment to observe desire in its works is in the early morning.

Lying in the half drowsiness of post-sleep, comfortably lying on the ridge between the two worlds, everything is calm.
A mist still covers our mind landscapes, the last animals complete their nocturnal wanderings and, one by one, leave the meadows of dawn.

It is then that desire springs up in ourselves, at lightning speed, it launches its lasso on the first thought which it deems powerful enough to hoist him and this body out of bed and start the day.

Every morning this happens, but the unfolding of this sequence is so automated, so perfectly oiled that it is generally transparent to the phenomena of consciousness and goes un-noticed.

We find ourselves standing and performing ritualized morning functions.
However, if one learns to remain crouched, absolutely motionless, it is possible to see Desire emerging from the bush of inertia, a lasso in hand.

A gushing fountain, Desire irrigates our entire lives
Between the geysers of desire that pour one the morning earth and underwater slots of sleep where the deep sands roar,
Is it the vast ocean so close to awakening that has been waiting forever ?

©FJ April 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

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    1. Simon, I must confess I’ve never of either of these barbaric terms.
      I’ll do some research and try to come back updated.

      Clarity indeed
      Stemming from the contrast allowing such an experience.
      Without contrast there wouldn’t be any awareness of this happening.
      The writing process or taking notes afterwards adds an extra layer of contrast.
      (mise en abyme)

      When clarity is not present, there is no conscious experience, let alone any writing process.

      (a writing process doesn’t have to concretely end up on a notepad of computer…it happens as soon as we’re starting to mentally (?) phrase the result of the experience itself.
      note taking on note taking.

      Thank you Simon for reading this,
      A bientôt

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    1. isn’t ‘confusion’ a synonym for ‘unconscious’
      Psychological sphere : confusion (baby confused with the mother) before language (chaos into logos) arises…to tell things apart, name the environment.)

      In Genesis : Divine intervention to ‘clarify’ waters and sky (chaos into cosmos)

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  1. Does that not equate consciousness with understanding? Is it not rather to be equated with perception? Otherwise, how might one be conscious of one’s ignorance?

    One may be unconscious of the resolution of the confusion, it seems to me. That equates understanding with a mode of perception, perhaps.

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    1. Doesn’t ignorance stop being ignorance once it is perceived as such.
      Hence the single word of practice-awakening in Soto Zen Buddhism (Dogen, again)

      The « unconsciousness » you allude to in the second paragraph of your comment, should be specified as surface unconsciousness.
      indeed, though we may be unconscious something is going on (confusion resolution),
      From a deeper layer we have not connected to yet, consciousness is ‘on’.

      I’m not really sure this corresponds to what you had in mind when writing this…

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  2. Actually, if I am interpreting you correctly, it is exactly what I had in mind, albeit I would not have phrased it that way.

    Clarity of perception would include the perception of ignorance. The ignorance of a given issue remains (equating to your « surface unconsciousness »), but the knowledge of the ignorance confirms a deeper foundation of knowledge.

    However, I am not so sure of the distinction of surface and depth save as a convenient cipher. Is not consciousness « one »?

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    1. Ultimately, yes
      Like the mind activity ultimately belongs to the awakened ‘depths’,
      As a distant, distorted echo belongs to the initial sound.
      Belong is not accurate here ..I can’t think of a better term at this moment

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