Silent Thunder

I met his gaze of light,
The sparkle coming out of his eyes,
Was reflected in mine

Naked truth
Unvarnished happiness
Recognition has taken place
A second or two
Ascending spiral
Collapse of joy

The windows may have well have broken
The eardrums may have well have been pierced
Life could have ended there.

Socks, shoes, back on,
Grab the cap…
And back outside

©FJ April 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

13 commentaires

    1. Dear Whatever,

      This sounds like bad news, on the eaer of Path travelers :
      If none of us wishes to replace the other,
      This lets us know how lost we have got to be…
      …Which is good, when you think of it…
      Who knows what people would do if they ever find us,
      For Whatever you find, you don’t really ‘find’ Anything.

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    1. Reaching that the only thing to be found is the perception of now (Buddhists, I guess, would find much to say on this ‘perception’)
      is already a path.

      Instant awakening,
      Is the result of progressive awakening.



    1. I’d say both are the same,
      Instant awakening is how people unaware of the underlying process at work for years,, ages, lives, eons…refer to it.
      I do not know what Buddhist might say.
      Would Buddhists even call themselves so ?
      Momentarily, on a common convenient agreement ?
      WOuld it be worth considering what such people have to say ?
      Maybe not.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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