And The Hostage Gets Free

Fits of anger take all actors hostage.
Faced with cries, jerky gesticulations, they fall victims of an emotional freeze, an inner petrifying torpor.

Only a descent into interiority by the ablaze author of anger can free them, set them back in motion. Is the latter really the author of his anger?

Even if he sometimes reveals a sadistic executioner’s refinement in the expression of that anger, he is himself the object of the structures that smother him.

In one of the most subtle forms this anger can take, it maintains an inner state of explosive potential. It is neither calm, nor really storm. But those who hang around such an individual in their daily life can read in the eddies of receding calm, the destructive storms that starts to rage.

By the history of their social group (family…) they are conditioned to this ‘counter-reward’ and, as everyone raises their paw to obtain the kibble, they restrict themselves, restrain themselves, appease and bow low, aware of the destructive consequences of yelling and other scars to reality that may occur if they fail to comply.

The education is so perfect that a few symbolic moves from the author of anger is enough to petrify and submit all the actors.
Here again, there is little awareness on either side, but the conditioning repetition games give this process a formidable efficiency…

I think the author is often much more deeply trapped than the actors.
A temporary surplus of lag in the matrix of consciousness, a progressive habit of arranging one’s being according to the winds allows the inner veils to lead from the state of actor to the state of spectator.

We can then wonder about the knotwork of such a grip: ours first, then , once we are freed, the grip of the angry profile.

Chances are that, once out of this morbid game, the other participant ceases to assign us a role, as we do not assign roles to bad actors.

This initiates an awareness in this person unless he seeks to transfer this influence on other grounds (professional sphere, anger against himself, etc.).

This requires on the part of the liberator a firm faith in the revelations of his observation, as well as a sharp spirit of investigation, the force of the half-smile, the conviction of the child in his exploring games, faith in the possibility for a different way, a commitment to quest, the ultimate adventure.

That, all of that, is the bodhicitta – the spirit of awakening, nothing less.
The energy will release one and teach the other.

©FJ April 2022
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