The Partition Bias

Above all, the surface consciousness wishes not to be forlorn,
It feverishly watches out for the disengagement of forces and their migrations for deeper layers, to such a point that it manages to split, to erect a transparent partition, to divide its own space.

By this division, as we stand on one side of the wall to observe the other, and convince ourselves that we are in the deeper consciousness layers, to observe the mind.

The indicator that we are victims of partition bias is the psychic energy we spend to keep the subterfuge in place.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe De Pratique
Many thanks to all

3 commentaires

  1. Yes precisely that.
    Thanks you for commenting Simon,
    It often forces me to read again content which has been posted a while ago, and spot — like today– blunders and errors that managed to sneak in.

    Yes : Surface consciousness, maybe as a self-protection reaction fakes an experience, so as to be sure it is not abandoned. e may therefore, « consciously » fool ourselves…Everything remains under control and we can keep applying our usual patterns to our newly generated ‘spiritual’ self.
    Adding an extra layer of illusion cream to the illusion cake.

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