It is unfortunate that the daily investigation and ensuing penance are clouded by filters of our representations of Catholicism.

However, it is a healthy and beneficial practice, whose simplicity and periodicity are matched only by its effectiveness.
Penance is nothing other than the consequence of the observation of daily shortcomings.

Through this practice, we wish to re-arrange the soul for the next day so that it no longer « comes short » of mindfulness. The division proposed by the spiritual schools (Ignatian…) is quite artificial and represents a sequencing for educational purposes.
In reality, and as is often the case when we are presented with a sequenced (itemized) teaching, it is in a single movement that all of this takes place.

As we probe our soul, these points of failure appear by the vigor of the suffering caused as our soul unfolds before the eyes of our consciousness and, instantly, we wish it were otherwise.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe De Pratique
Many thanks to all

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  1. Hmm…

    I wonder if « penance » is too loaded a word. Your comment about catholicism is revealing in this regard. It has too great a connotation of self-flagellating sorrow.

    I wonder if one should never be sorrowful for what one is. It is a self-defeating, emotive response to a mere fact. Perhaps, one should merely perceive and act as apparently required?

    « Adjustment », perhaps, a better term?


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