Prayer In Motion

It is not the words that should be followed in prayer, it is the underlying movements of the soul.
The very movements which brought these few words to us.

Through prayer, our soul enters into resonance with the soul of the original contemplatives,
with the origins of the contemplative soul.

There has not been any loss between their prayer and ours,
even though we may be millennia, continents or galaxies apart.

Prayer makes the soul pulsate to the unique beat,And knows the paths that leads back to the cradle,
The landscapes that lighten up, irreducible bushes
Where it abandons its winter coat.

©FJ Nov.2020
Groupe de Pratique (Publications et Invitations à la Pratique)
Many thanks to all

2 commentaires

  1. Then are words a necessary part of prayer at all?

    My ideas on prayer are probably rather unconventional. I do not consider that false humility before some adored divine is appropriate. State your case plainly but carefully – more as a flow of consciousness, an exploration of the self, a revelation of the inner thought

    Whether or not there is anyone to answer is irrelevant. Whether one is speaking to oneself means nothing.

    And if the soul, psyche or whatever you wish to call it, can express its depths without words, that is no less valid.

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    1. in my bravest hours, I’d join you,
      This is a non dual approach to prayer,
      Quite a radical one, I’d say.
      It does require bravery, as well as an adventuresome heart.
      Something like the ability to transfer weight, leaving a platform, potentially losing balance,
      in face of others, in face of our own look upon ourselves, at times ,
      Maybe this can only be realized once we have made contact with our inner platform…


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