The Acute Gaze

One post here,
One verbal interaction there,
From one to the other, he strives to appear as a man having had an experience,
one that has plunged his hands in the pool of knowledge.
This very positioning is in itself sufficient to invalidate the relevance of the question to know whether this experience actually happened.

He is an thirst of power disguised in clothes of spirituality.
Nothing more than an egotic bubble bursting when touched by the sharpened nip,
Or when targeted by the acute gaze from a man of wisdom, able to identify what he has encountered, what he has been (through).
In this last case, the meta-theater heals from the slide, lights up all territorial claims for what they are : expressions of anxiety, milestones along the way ahead.

Would we have the humility to observe this going on in
ourselves ?

©FJ April 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

Un commentaire

  1. It’s something along the lines of the your final question that has been occupying my mind this last week or so.
    I conclude, I do not know who I am.
    At Delphi, one of the inscriptions at the Temple of Apollo was reputed to be « γνῶ θι σεαυτόν » – « know thyself ».
    How to know the man, not the illusion?
    How to know if what one knows is « real », not an illusion?
    Is any man, I wonder, qualified to know himself?
    Perhaps doubt is required to motivate an ever deeper search.

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