The Secret of Aging

At the internal fold of the neck,
This is where congenital entropy
Comes to pearl.

In this secret place,
Owing to an angle in the mirror,
My eyes contemplate decadence
From the first row.

And when lips corners stretch into an awkward smile
And try to hide loneliness, disappointments,
They show to other unconsciously aging beings,
A chaotic surplus of distended dermis.

Sorrows have left irreparable droughts.
The angle is perfect for the gaze of others.
In the most abrupt honesty, it opens on the vault
Covered by words or attitudes
And betrays the strategies of despair.

I learn to age in the gaze of others,
Information I don’t want, but know secretly.

In my eyes, the reminder of the secret.
In the other’s eyes, the dread of the discrepancy.
The path of truth is a path of acceptance.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe De Pratique
Many thanks to all

7 commentaires

  1. I will leave « the path of truth » given my antipathy to the term.

    Ageing, however, is a mere physical fact. Yes, the past leaves it mark. But I have no issue with a person whose appearance suggests experiences. Nor do I see any point in seeking to camouflage it – much to the horror of some people I know who are given to their cosmetics.

    Maturing is not an inevitable fact, and requires a degree of work. Experience is a raw material by which it may be achieved. It does not guarantee maturity, however.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. I believe that, when I say ‘truth’, you understand ‘vertical dogmatism’, bringing back to former sections of the Path synonym to difficulties.
      In truth (…), when I say ‘truth’, I mean ‘authenticity’.

      I do not know Simon, to what extent
      Whatever is older than Anything,
      or the other way around.
      But the taste of your words, and the wisdom oozing from your perspectives seem to suggest Anything should listen with a closed mouth,
      which still remains to be learnt.

      A bientôt!

      Aimé par 1 personne

  2. I am suspicious of wisdom perceive, as I am of wisdom claimed.

    Silence, I suspect, is best employed when facing one’s own silent insights. Those which are expressed verbally should be so examined verbally.

    Accept nothing that may be stated.

    As to « truth » – to some extent. I take it to mean doctrine, exclusive of other viewpoints.

    « Authenticity »? How is that identified?

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  3. I am suspicious of ‘God said’, as I am suspicious of ‘it is written…’
    Or ‘deshimaru said’ or ‘my master said….’.
    To translate bluntly from the French expression I use for this, I’d say : any attempt at climbing on other’s prestigious shoulders to speak should raise suspicion.
    Let me try to mirror what you said
    As I do not know anything else than to use the material I’m presented to weave something back at you.
    Or ‘un-weave’ what I’ve been presented.

    Accept nothing that may be stated.
    You stated this.
    I accept it.
    Another barren cognitive loop ?

    Authenticity does not require identification means.
    ( )
    This is why it is authenticity.
    What is expressed between these last two lines is forever silent,
    Therefore, should be expressed silently.

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  4. You accept the statement that one should accept nothing that may be stated.

    It was meant to feed as in « that another might state to you ». I do not know if you so interpreted, or took it to mean « that is capable of being stated ».

    No matter.

    You should not accept my words. Only your own realisation. The two may or may not match.

    I will leave authenticity to another post, as you have mentioned it elsewhere.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. I was only, in the scope of my limited abilities, flirting with the limits of language to render…anything (Anything ?)
      Which is, eventually, what I always do.
      There is no border crossing without border touching.

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