“Words, words…Word.”

We can never talk about anything to anyone.
In order for the encounter to take place through words, it must have already been realized through the Word.

Then, my words resonate in others so that they find there an arrangement similar to ours.
The emergence must have occurred in them for themselves to receive our words.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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    1. Ah;….I write those texts in a Lucky Luke kinda way, the same manner people ‘shoot’ first…
      Precisely to avoid being asked questions I’d be uncomfortable answering, if not straight unable.
      Mmmh….I believe (polite understatement) in metalinguistic (as in metaphysical) communication, or sub / ante linguistic communication.
      Words are the unnecessary tail of the comet / wake of the ship everybody focuses on, trying to catch remnants of meaning with clumsy hands.
      I believe (again, …) in meta / sub/ ante consciousness abilities that words will for ever be unable to articulate.
      Still…I spend my days writing and reading and talking.
      Deeper understanding has to come first.
      What triggers communication is
      -a lack of stability of the experienced material / Here people keep palpating contours to make sure they are not lost/ wrong/alone….
      -sheer compassion (The Buddha initially refused to share or teach, once he had been through his enlightenment experience.)
      Many people teach for themselves / try to prove themselves they have had some kind of experience doing so.
      I’m quite reassured when a teacher does not try to teach nor looks for disciples.
      Does this answer your question ?
      There seems to remain a subtlety I may not have perceived, doesn’t it ?

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  1. I have stared blankly…!

    Consciousness precedes expression. Expression is an imperfect representation of what precedes it. That much, I understand, conceptually.

    Is there an awareness beyond words? By definition, verbal analysis is impossible.

    I am put in mind of ideas of « higher self » or « morphic resonance ». Unprovable, untestable. Maybe not, however, imperceptible at a personal level, where the individual realises his or her greater nature.

    I do not know if this exists in French translation, but you may be interested in « The Great Transformation » by Karen Armstrong, which seeks to trace parallel and contrasting developments in the spiritual awareness of India, Greece, China and Israel.

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  2. « Is there an awareness beyond words? »

    as far as I can say, there is an awareness below words
    Words and their cognitive matrix may be a useless spin off of the latter,
    yet, carrying a part of relevant information, though highly degraded.

    There is an awareness above words, as well, which appear connected to the one referred to here above.
    I’d say connecting / perceiving the connection between both of those awareness(es) is part of an awakening process.
    Making this realization stable is quite another challenge.
    One life may not be sufficient, thousands of life either;
    But a single split second can be enough.

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