Secret Nights And Day Dullness

Some trees, we are told, wake up at night.
By scintillating, they offer a scenery to a whole tribe of beings who are then agitated while our world of agitation slumbers.
At daybreak, everyone returns to their secret homes and the trees, again, freeze in an expression familiar to us.

On Sophie’s life, the day is once again about to dawn.
The first lugubrious rays appear from afar
Blowing from their horns the return of her soul a return to sleep.

Once more, she has to let her zombification process begin.
Smother the flame in her gaze, turn off her heart,
Suck the life out of her step, join the realm of dullness and blend into the decorum,
Reel out in the fog of background noises,

If she allowed the wealth of her inner tribes to emerge,
It Would cause her much greater pain than this sullen selected habit
Consisting of feigning bland contentment,
To oil her eyes with dormant greyness,
So as not to catch the eyes of stupid hyenas
And turn into a prey.

Now is not a season for flesh shredding.

©FJ April 2022
RECUEILS/ Participations
Groupe De Pratique
Merci à tous…

4 commentaires

  1. Calling dreams dreams are an insult to night life.
    Hyenas are part of the illusion.
    Let’s not forget that.
    what if Day life was all about practical work and night life about assimilation ?
    What if night life was the real game and day life the ‘sitting on the bench while waiting to play’ part ?

    By the way,
    I never watch movies.
    99.9% of them leave me bored after 10 mns,
    and I’m easily scared and lastingly impressed by the fully trivialized violence they display.
    A few days ago,
    I gave in to my children begging to watch ‘something on netflix,
    We watched ‘Inception’.
    Once stripped of its violence scenes, blockbuster fast-paced cuts,
    It raised serious questions and has certainly been wrote by people with knowledge.
    ( I do regret references to drug addiction as well as the strictly materialistic treatment of the topic….
    Mais bon…)

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  2. I rarely watch movies, but my tastes tend to the bizarre world of fantasy. There is much to be learned even from such fiction. Have you read any HP Lovecraft?

    What if night is the barely remembered adventure of a greater reality, daytime the rest from such exertion?

    I think of the Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath…

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. No I’ve not.
      I’ve often been invited to do so but there’s always been another book in the way.
      I’ve just opened the wikipedia tab of the book you’re referring to. I’ll read it an maybe find the book after that.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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