In the Beatitudes, Christ does not glorify suffering or misfortune (“blessed are the poor…”),
he points the way to transformation.
True alchemy is embodied by Jesus.
Christ transforms suffering.

Thomas Merton quotes the scholar and Zen practitioner D.T. Suzuki: “Without suffering there can be no escape from suffering”.

Christ invites to transcendence. Through suffering, access non-suffering.
You have to be “hungry” to be “satiated”.

A distorted understanding of this fundamental principle leads to the cult of suffering, pain.

In Zazen, the disciple, as long as he makes room, lets this alchemy take place within him.
Sitting in Zazen, the suffering of the day emerges and blows away.

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    1. Hi Simon,
      I’m surprised to see this post appear today on the blog,
      as it was programmed a while ago but finds its way among its letter-brothers just when its title was arising in our conversation.

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      1. I’ve always been highly reluctant ( and suspicious of people who claim ) to adhere to this compulsive sign-reading habit, as it might hide a self-centered representation of the world (« I am being talked to by God / The universe » / « everything happens in relation to me » and therefore have nothing to do with spirituality, and everything to do with a psychological condition…

        While being a firm defender of the following : everything is a sign.

        this contradiction, if not apparent only, may also be a psychological condition that needs to be dealt with.

        The thing is : i don’t believe in dealing with conditions.
        In itself, this is, in the eyes of system-proclaimed professionals a sub condition that has to be addressed.
        so they say.
        I don’t agree with granting importance to what such people say…
        Another condition ?
        Trust issues ?

        Sheer anarchy.
        Free spirit.

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      2. Anarchy is its own self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps. In the chaos of life, everything would be a sign of the anarchic.

        The problem with signs, I find, is that they only look like such with hindsight. If the universe wishes to communicate, it seems to be remarkably cryptic.

        Which proves absolutely nothing, save my lack of foresight.

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    2. this is also the very definition of interdependence in Buddhism.

      On another level, there has never been anything such as birth and death, arising and declining, pleasure and suffering…
      (Heart Sutra)

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