Neighborhood and Chicken Bones (note)

The relationships we have with our neighbors can be intense.
The similarities between this type of environment and the family environment are striking enough to take a closer look.

In these two configurations, it is a “given”, a default state of affairs that we do not really choose.
At least, if the dynamics of choice apply, this latter will take place at an infra-conscious level.

The High Priestess threw the chicken bones on the ground. The way they arrange is the way they arrange.
The family is what it is.
The high priestess can always double down on efforts of interpretation, of imagination to see what she wishes to see..but the bones are thrown away as is.
And even if the relationships build up, become dull or friction over time, they are always, to a certain extent, the result of the initial configuration.
Chicken bones never become coffee grounds.

The neighborhood here is perhaps worse than the family environment. You can, for example, choose not to see your brother anymore. It is much less obvious to no longer suffer from your neighbors proximity.

Basically, the similarities between these relational pools are striking.

On the scale of a lifetime, dealing the family environment, although painful, is sometimes an incredible factor of maturation, a burning clay that constantly moves within us and calls on our inner hands to settle there and shape an optimal arrangement of the moving form.

In a similar way, when the neighbors becomes irritable, when coping with their mere presence becomes difficult and calls into play a painfully-won serenity, it can be a good move to remember the edifying similarities between family and neighborhood, family and colleagues…

©FJ May 2022

Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

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  1. this is the place where I’m supposed to say that all kinds of neighbors dwell within ourselves.
    It would not be wrong.

    This is a trapdoor through which we can also access a potential resolution of our family conflicts with people we can no longer see, for one reason or another.

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