Ways Of The Outside

The practice of Just Sitting teaches, through practical demonstration, that what always loses us,is the compulsion to seek outside, to want to take root outside of ourselves : external triggers, in the texts, in the double distortions of the accounts stemming from others’ experiences

The silence of Just Sitting anchors within.
The space offered by this practice makes space for these discourses to resonate and allow all the texts to fade away.
It initiates the welcoming process, the collecting of all materials unfolding along the length of the paths taken and lets the stagnation of suffering lead to the absence of a destination.

Just sitting, however, never repudiates or humiliates the ways of the outside.
It teaches kindness towards those who follow them, knowing that it is a transitory process, operated by a being subject to movement.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

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