Climbing the Zafu With Bare Hands

During sitting meditation, Man walks on a ridge, the winds of thoughts sweep him left and right, send him twirling in the distance,
For a minute or an hour.

Before dropping him on the mountainside.
Then, he starts climbing with his bare hands the stones and the vegetation which led him again on the ridge.

Sometimes Man barely sets foot there when a new gust rejects him right away.
The practice is to remember , when we walk in the narrow way,
the past winds as they were crashing of our bodies against the rocks.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

5 commentaires

    1. ‘let it chatter » : A
      « derivative » : B

      Solution A : ZAZEN
      Solution B : Voiced Prayer / mantra / visualization / guided meditation

      I’d say B leads to A.

      Though a typical pattern is A to B to A again.

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    1. as « simple » a practice as « just » in just sitting…
      Sometimes : dropping it all at once is all that’s left an an option : « Shinjin Datsu Raku’.
      Maybe that was the initial meaning.
      Nothing (more) complicated, after all.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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