Conflict On Stage

For some people, pseudo-conflict is the only way to communicate they have.
This can be seen, among other contexts, in the configuration of couples.

It all boils down to a desire for affirmation and display.
A staging of inner scenarios.

Moreover, this happens through the detour by a makeshift audience, sometimes only composed of themselves only.

Even if they take both the person playing opposite and the audience hostage, the people who engage in this type of communication are the first prisoners of such an attitude.

It is in their own eyes that they attempt to exist. Even if this is possibly a narrow cultural level, it should also be noted that it can be a scenario constantly replayed in order to compensate for a denial of existence at some point in their personal history.

Reassuring the other is not enough…
Still we should remain faithful in the possibility that he will become aware of the suffocating circularity of these behaviors.
One day, they will come to understand that such hostage taking practices, grabbing hold onto an audience in order to find a salutary unfolding for a past scenario in the present situation, is perpetually doomed to failure.

They will therefore free their loved ones and stop locking up passers-by in their personal theater.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

3 commentaires

  1. Certainly.
    But the lack of awareness of such an attempt to explore relationships is the cause of an ongoing suffering…
    On a certain degree, this suffering experience can initiate the necessary awareness process..
    Making this article useless.
    It’s all a matter of perspective.

    Generally speaking, writing such article is useless.
    From a wider outlook, trying to reduce suffering may be useless, and pretentious.
    Eventually, it can even contribute to worsening the suffering experience, by delaying the moment of awareness.
    I’ve always been circumspect when hearing people who claim to know what should be done in such and such a situation.
    Experts in ‘help-ology’…

    Pretending to wish to alleviate others’ suffering is a pretentious claim.
    Still, this position I’m holding at the moment may also be the best strategy to never do anything to alleviate others’ suffering.

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