Illusory Thoughts

One could object to the argument according to which all thoughts are illusory that this argument is also a thought, and therefore illusory.
Thus, all thoughts would not be illusory.

We would then follow the famous exercise rhetoric, a perpetual movement for the mind: “A Cretan says: all Cretans are liars.”

The thought of the illusion of thoughts is an illusion, therefore thoughts are not illusory.
Except that … this thought of the illusory character of thoughts does not come under the jurisdiction of thought.
It only receives this name in an abusive, practical, consensual, lazy manner.

Such « thought » of the illusion of thoughts emanates from a center whose direct experience de-centers us from the realm of illusory thoughts.

A room lights up, somewhere else, and joining it, we realize the darkness in which we found ourselves. From this room, we realize the chaotic clutter of the place where we were.

©FJ June 2022 —text and photo
Groupe de Pratique

Un commentaire

  1. But here’s a thought.
    Illusions exist.
    Otherwise, no-one could be deluded.
    They act on the mind. Suspiciously like thought.
    So, what does it mean to say thoughts are illusory?
    And what is the distinction between « thoughts » and « thought »? Are they equally illusory?
    Thought provoking, said he, mischievously.

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