Importance Matters

To the central adage of the practitioner according to which “thoughts have no existence”, I propose to substitute this one: “thoughts are not important”.

It is precisely the importance that we attribute to them that densifies their existence.
This substitution makes it possible to operate upstream of existence.
To realize non-existence, from the experience of existence, is a difficult matter.

By the absence importance granted, realizing the drying up of thoughts, the uselessness of their idiotic telescoping, can be an easier approach.

Moreover, this equivalence in the terms proposed between “importance” and “existence”, conceals pedagogical virtues – it highlights the central role of consciousness in the manifestation of reality.

What matters, what I nourish with consciousness, proportionally nourishes the phenomena of the densification of reality.

Absolute or relative, straddling the two attributes, or somewhere along the spectrum, the importance that I impart phenomena by way of consciousness or that, by way of consciousness, I no longer give them, this is what molds the modalities of reality that I meet / go through / am.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

Un commentaire

  1. The irony continues.

    You have substituted for a thought that denies thought, a thought that denies the importance of thought.

    What is the importance of that thought?

    There is something that needs balancing, or modifying, in these statements, these thoughts. I am unsure what, or whether it relates purely to the inadequacy of language to express the thought of the thoughtless.

    Is it worth thinking about?

    Once more, mischief comes to the fore.


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