Arduous Path

Some people are so easy to dislike
The Way of the Bodhisattva is not an easy way.

There are people for whom the slightest encounter pushes us boldly down the slope of detestation.

A few words from them, or their invitation in our thoughts is enough to trigger the spiral of hatred.

What is to be done with those whose bad faith, although obvious, seems to know no bounds ?
Though crude and obvious to everyone, their lies, their manipulations, persist in irritating reality.

They sometimes generate so much chaos that no one dares to attract on themselves the wrath they carry inside with their vociferous gesticulations.
They seem to be only waiting for the spark of our inflamed reaction to break loose the hell they held back.

I’m trying to touch, this evening, the loneliness they go through when they face themselves.Maybe not today, as they are still struggling down the tanks of identification and flounder around the affirmation of an illusory personality.

..I’m feeling a sadness towards them for later.
I currently share the sadness that will strike them later, the very sadness that will initiate their journey.
Then, I’m rejoicing.Forwards and backwards in time, I’m seeing today the opportunity represented by their wanderings and inner tensions.

I’m already seeing the magma of their heart piercing through the crusts of ignorance.

May I be present during the life-saving melting of ignorance,
May I welcome their inner beauty today.
From my heart to their heart.

There are people it’s so easy to dislike
The Bodhisattva Way is not an easy way.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

2 commentaires

  1. Just as well you told me you were not a Buddhist, nor knew much about so-called Buddhist matters,
    Had you not specified this, I would have all the trouble in the world believing you were not one.


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