2020, December, Lockdown # 2

I live this moment in History, when first-row post-modern world leaders have suddenly stopped caring about what people might think of them.
Communication, formerly a choice tool, vehicle of well-designed and engineered words, now leaves its coarse rags lying around, not caring the least for how such elements way be received.

Democracy all its freedoms and collective life framework went out and disappeared through the first open door…once our freedoms fled, they had no reason to stay any longer.

Therefore, the people are ashamed of being the people,
just like the old man is ashamed of being old.

Useless and without having any on anything anymore, helpless as ever,
Without contact, the people wander stupefied in a huge field of barren nothingness.

In the center, a single light, which it will eventually find.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

4 commentaires

  1. The conspiracist once more raising his head within you?

    One point, which I only raise knowing your profession. « The people », in the constructions you use here, would take « are » rather than « is ». Whilst « the people » is a term with some grammatical issues, the people are likely to use the plural verb in the UK.

    Mind, I’m not sure how American usage would deal with this.

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    1. Conspiracy theorists, theoretically; should be referred to as conspiracy watchdogs, as they are the one making sure there is no conspiracy, no plot going on against the population.

      I believed that when ‘people’ meant ‘population (as in We, the People, … ») was to be considered singular and plural when it meant a bunch of people.
      I guess it is yet another obscure item in the English grammar, waiting to ambush me.
      (that’s the conspiracy theorist)

      Should we then say :
      the people of England are so gullible….
      (meaning something different from : people in England are gullible) ?

      Uncountables and related content have always confused me.
      (I love the work that is done by a linguist on the web : a podcast/website called Grammar Girl….I should browse it more thoroughly to dig out something on this topic.)

      Linguistics and spirituality (and music…and pretty much every field) have something in common : thinking you master something is a sure indicator you don’t.
      Proof is : have you ever seen a student coming out of a Master’s degree and actually knowing anything about wha he’s supposed to master ?

      I have a Maîtrise (master) in Lingiustics…and there is not a single day when I don’t discover I’d understood something the wrong way.

      Thanks for the head-up (would a British person say such a thing or am I being the victim of the Netflixization of the English language ?)
      Have a nice say, Simon.

      and how would it make any difference, verb wise, with :
      The peoples in Western countries are so gullible.

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  2. The people « are » gullible, be they in England, the so called « West », or the world.

    Basically, it’s a collective noun, hence plural.

    I’ve never watched anything on Netflix and do not propose to start. I’ve not noticed any American use of « is » in this context, e.g: on Diaspora, but cannot guarantee it does not exist.

    I am a jack of some trades and master of nothing – and quite at ease with that. My son has a master’s in ancient history. I think it’s a conspiracy…

    Enjoy your day.

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    1. Thanks Simon.
      Do not say such a thing…you never know who’s eavesdropping…

      It may be that conspiracy theorists are the most gullible of all.
      (Unless that is a theory aiming at lowering the level of suspicion from authorities towards conspiracy theorists.
      How paranoid is that ?)

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