Canned Hit 2/2

Part 1 here :

Slouched in their shortcomings, their feet glued in old patterns, there is nothing they can do for me.
Trapped in the nets of their conditioning, I perceive them, as I realize their inability to lead me to happiness, I see clearly I can no longer expect anything from them.

The foot that I lifted from the platform of “expectations from others”, I now place it on a limitless beach, which we all live on, though not all aware of it yet.
I stop binding my happiness to their presence.

Always incomplete and discontinuous, I wait for them in the depths of my soul.
There, time is dissolved and their inner struggles, though I may deplore those, I no longer have reasons to fear losing anything.

As I calmly wait for their foot to gently set on the infinite beach,
The winds of storms hardly carry me away.
I walk slowly.
If they see me walking, the may learn something

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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