Belief Set

In life, we often barely jump from one set of beliefs to another.
Suffering comes in with the approaching deadline, as the inevitable edge appears in the horizon.
As the end, the lack of adequacy between our beliefs kit and what constitutes reality is more and more pressing, suffering increasingly sets in.

Each abandonment of belief is therefore more and more painful because it underlines in our flesh how immature our relation to life remains. It is possible to dis-invest these sets of beliefs from the potential of salvation that we impart them, and start listening.

This call of truth, is solid ground to start tapping in our courage resources.
Adopting a set of beliefs is what causes our suffering.

The flight towards dissimulation, the possibility of deceiving oneself,
The bubble of belief bursts when it reveals its illusory content,
All that we knew very well from the beginning – had we known how to listen,
While claiming that this belief was at last able to carry us beyond illusion.

In this conscious lure lies our madness.
One has to have extracted from the bubbles of belief to see all the madness that is twirling inside of them,
The madness of those who are still gesticulating there, and all the suffering that awaits them.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. Perhaps I am unusual.

    My beliefs have changed a number of times. Sometimes radically.

    Now, I acknowledge they are temporary. And as irrelevant as anything time-bound.

    Harping on my usual hang-ups – the problem is not belief. That is just how one sees the world for now. Rather, it is faith – which is how we assert the world must be, regardless of any evidence.

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    1. So you see faith as an obstinate assertion of illusory inner representations…
      In the context of your comment, I fully agree with you.

      In a wider acceptation, faith is confidence in the connection we have made (been given to make, should I say, because there really is nothing to be made, quite the opposite) to our deeper Being.

      Knowledge is the how we call it when the connection is actualized in our everyday life,
      Faith is how we name it when its manifested obviousness has faded out.

      Belief systems, though, are to be transcended.
      Sometimes, this is done the hard way (Giving in after violent gusts of suffering)
      Sometimes, it ripens as a fruit of practice.

      ‘How one sees the world’…this summarizes a large bunch of our problems down here, doesn’t it ?

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  2. Is there such a thing as an external to oneself’ measurement?
    Even the most advanced physics allows us to doubt this.
    There are so many terms you dislike it is becoming quite a challenge to dribble around them…
    Maybe that is because you grant too much worth to words, or have too deep faith (sorry, is that another one of them?) In their power to point to anything.

    Or maybe I’m being too skeptical here.

    Word create resonance with inner experience.
    They do not own the power to initiate it

    We are beings of stories.
    Stories are based on faith and beliefa story based on fact is necessarily materialistic.
    Tagging it with words of science to make it more rational is just another belief.

    Wenread this a pot these days..:  » I believe in science.  »
    Everything is a joke.
    Most science is based on stories and beliefs. It is just a matter of time …
    With certainty (esp a science driven one)/comes arrogance, identification and obstinacy. Some example are considered as science cornerstones.

    Isn’t it better to believe in a story you know to be one than to be thunderstruck when you see the story you based your life on suddenly crumble down?
    There is a form of highest discernment in knowing your stories and others’ as stories.


  3. I would say knowledge is what is verifiable by some external-to-oneself measure.

    I dislike the term « objectively » because even the objective is subjectively understood.

    Anything not verifiable in some way is « belief ». Belief hardened to unwarranted certainty becomes « faith ».

    Not everyone’s approach, but it works for me.

    « How one sees the world » becomes a problem when one forgets that others use their own perceptions and understanding.

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