No Freedom On Social Media

Social networks are not the space of freedom they claim to be.
These are portholes allowing to observe the dissidents in situ.
Rehabilitation does not take place in any camp,
It is algorithmic in nature.

What content to relay? What should not be displayed ? To whom ? When ? How often ?
On the ground of what state of mind ?

Until the click happens, and the targeted user flips on the right side of the fence.

– ©FJ August 2022
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5 commentaires

    1. There has to be phase when the hermit joins society back.
      ..Or is it just me desperately applying the ‘bodhisattva’ content to an incompatible reality..maybe?

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    1. Maybe this whole ‘bodhisattva thing’ is, at least in its written expression, a form of, as you name it, musing.
      In any case, it remains an ex-post construction.
      And one should always be reminded to investigate the initial inner reality those terms have been attempting to point to.
      Cherishing the term is a a form of golden calf worshipping.

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