Belief In The Posture

Belief in posture is ambivalent.
It is the bearer of the faith that saves man from projections that destroy the soul.
So, sitting down, I believe without believing.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. I do not « believe in » posture – save insofar as it may relieve backache.

    In this, we may be very different.

    Posture has no relevance to my beliefs. Faith is irrelevant to me; but we give that word different meanings also.

    We each see reality as it makes sense to us and act accordingly.

    In this, we may be very similar.

    Whatever we are, we are most effectively when not trying so to be.

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    1. It relieves backaches.
      It is only one small step ahead, Simon.
      Just believe In The Posture, and thou shall be at peace,
      Believe, you’ll be relieved.

      Seriously (again) : I’ve seen so many people, absolutely unable to sit on a chair more that 10 mns, ending up sitting zazen for 40 mn sessions, over time…something happens.
      It has to do with energies getting back into circulation.
      IT may sound like creepy new-ageish lures, but this is what I have seen on many people, including myself.
      This does not have to do with any belief system.
      just empirical, concrete observation.
      (The person I learnt the posture from, before being an MD, acupuncturist and Zen monk…Was a physiotherapist…this is how he came to studying the posture…
      (inductive approach)
      ‘Trying to be’ is the Great Inhibitor…it kills off everything.
      « When your left hand does something, make sure your right hand doesn’t know about it ».
      (app. quote)
      This level of fluidity in actions and thoughts is …well, to me, the work of a lifetime.( at least)

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  2. Well, now, I have to admit that I have never had any difficulty sitting still for inordinate periods of time – or at least until either the lure of caffeine addiction or some « call of nature » intervenes. In fact, more often it is disturbed when my wife decides I’ve sat still long enough and it is time for me to do something in order to prove that I am, at least, still breathing.

    As to « trying to be » – yes, it is not helpful. Sometimes it is necessary to « try to do » – but that is a totally different matter.

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  3. -Are you dead ? Honey ? Please, can you make a move every now and then, so I know you’re still alive, will you ?

    He slowly made a side gesture with his hand, as if piercing from under a heap of debris, he said, in a dull and husky voice :
    -Not dead.

    This scene has a Kung-fu Panda atmosphere, don’t you think ?
    (Sorry, I have very poor references as far as movies are concerned, and can only dig out elements I remember from material I watched with the kids when they were young ( and when I had a TV)

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