Parting The Sea

Opening a path through the water of the Red Sea,
Suddenly revealing the earth.

The teaching from the parted depths of the soul appears.
Moses traces the path that teaching reveals,
He puts it into practice.
Why would we part the waters, if there is no one to cross ?

Sitting practice, the symmetry of the postural axis
Opens the soul onto Being.

On each sitting, the wood is struck and the path is drawn.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. Oh…
    Though I was attempting to describe a mix between spiritual (« soul ») and physical (« bowel ») realms,
    I did not wish to sound as « down-to-guts » as that…
    Thanks Simon for making me aware of this.

    I’ll try ‘entrails’…which seems less anatomical to me,
    in case you do not validate this choice, I’ll keep the more neutral ‘depths’ up my sleeves.
    As I’m reading this post again, trying to remember what on Earth I was trying to say as I wrote this…
    It looks like I was struggling (still am) to fit the conceptual baggage from Buddhism ((a certain understanding of)Anatta)) to actual, real world experience.

    It is my crossing.
    The inner echo of the Biblical scene
    (or the other way around, most certainly, if you ask me.. : the Biblical passage is the outer echo of inner phenomena)

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