Roughness In Everyday Life

What does this gesture, so abrupt and innocuous in the eyes of all, say about you ?

You, who have learned to listen, can read it.
It’s not just your body grabbing hold of the object,
There is something more to it,
A whiplash, a violence which has germinated somewhere,
Bursts at this precise moment.

Your quickening step,
The pencil slammed on the table,
The mallet tapped on the ground after hitting the bowl,
Your lying body that hastily turns over at night before sleeping,

The spoon, hurriedly brought to your mouth,
The blunt answer to the child, to the friend.

The thought trapped in a dark tunnel, after the words of the other, after your own words.

It seems so simple, to the one who has learned to listen.

The thermometer, always in the heart, indicates the state of being
In this weather station, he sees the first wrinkles that the cold west wind comes to shiver on the surface of the pool.

Speeches in the distance start to fly away, they let him know about him the suspicious branch cracking under the predatory paws, under the weight of the melting snow.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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