The Workers of the Mind

By straying too far from practice, one would almost forget the futility of all exogenous knowledge.
Through the practice of just sitting, we reside (‘abide’) on this side, beyond the realm of the mind,
it is from this place that exogenous knowledge (books, academics, training, etc.) has to be considered.

Even if their ways expression are many and they never leave the sphere of the mind, they are the workers of the mind, they work and participate in the maintenance of its cogs.

This is not to discredit the value of learning new skills or the cultivation of an attraction for factual knowledge (historical, scientific, etc.) But to put them in their right place.

Sometimes they don the finery of spirituality, but they have strictly, ontologically, nothing to do with spirituality.
It is quite possible that a mind without convolutions is more conducive to the development of a spirituality than a spirit circumcised by a multitude of weapons to which it will constantly bring back any ember of spirituality to discuss its relevance and, thereby turning it off.

Framing is the know-how, the expertise of the mind.
It puts behind a plate of glass and circumcises it with four wooden borders.
Diplomas are a creation of the mind. They exist through the mind and for the mind.
Outer knowledge, coming from the realms of science, provides a standard to relatively position people.
Inner knowledge, coming from the wells of silence, does not compare to anything.

It cannot be valued and does not add up in gallons or framed paper.

Therefore, don’t stay too long away from the lakes of silence.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

2 commentaires

    1. I believe Stillness is the way,
      But one may end up on it while having started from a chaotic and noisy side road.
      The way begins ahead of the way, it includes chaos and noise.
      Religious practices are often form bottlenecks of comfort,
      And, though they have nice little « The Way » signs on their front doors, are merely side roads [of a side road (of a side road)]


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