Notes on Fasting

Fasting as a spiritual practice is an invitation to the essential,
A call for investigation.
It is also a powerful tool for concentration, and a teaching on listening,
In this, fasting is not an obstacle placed on the way, it is a hand that we reach out to ourselves and others.
Highly intimate, it can hardly be explained and has to be lived from the inside.

Fasting makes food important again. It opens onto a new space-time, where we are neither busy eating, nor preparing to eat, nor digesting what we have eaten,.
The energy released is subtle. Its asks for attention.
Fasting invites to withdrawal and anchoring at the same time, as it multiplies the aggressiveness received from the outside world.
Thus, it offers the solution to the problems encountered.

The fasting practitioner indwells his consciousness spectrum in depth


Fasting also means giving back its importance to food, giving back its place to food, Realize that you don’t eat like you go to the gas pump, between 2 road trips


In reality, physiologically, fasting immerses us in the relationship to ourselves,
Fasting sharpens the consciousness and questions our relationship to filling – consumption as compensation, our constant mopping on appearing anxieties


Fasting means to lower the level of violence in the world.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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