Peeling God

Once the nonsense and projections about God are peeled off, remains suchness, the depth of the soul and consciousness,
As our encounter with suchness approaches, we find ourselves on the brink of the ultimate pitfall which consists in seeking to name, to define, what cannot be named or defined.

If we think we can do it, we fail,
if we pass through this naming drive,
what happens to us ?

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

6 commentaires

    1. I guess any expression of facetiae is unconscious.
      An emergency unsheathing of a breathing survival kit.
      Humour is alway about survival,
      ours, and others’.

      Any other form of humour is a misleading use of the term.

      Humour is a very serious matter, always a matter of life and death.

      The lack of seriousness in humour is to be taken very seriously.

      Well, you got it.

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    2. For some reason, this has caused a quote to pop up in my mind.
      From the Movie Shrek : « Ogres are like onions, they have layers. »

      If I were to reincarnate in one of the movie characters, I’d be the donkey, no doubt.

      This works as well for Winnie the Pooh.
      Donkey, again.

      Are you aware of this ZEN quote from Pooh himself ?

      Pooh : What day is it ?
      Piglet : It’s today.
      Pooh : Oh, my favorite day !.

      Well, sorry for this lightheartedness,
      but as it is much needed these days, I’m only apologizing for etiquette’s sake but do not in the least feel any form of regret.

      Have a nice day Simon !

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