Buddhist Parasite

It is not because Zen leans quite easily on Buddhism,
or because both ended up getting along, that Zen is Buddhist.

Zen, which accepts everything, accepts Buddhism all the more easily as the latter molds itself into it with ease and does not cause any major inconvenience.

It is an inconspicuous and host-friendly parasite.
However, when the time comes — the time will come, when Zen, whatever name we give it collectively and whatever recognition we give it at the individual level,
The time will come when Zen will get rid of it.

Either with a light shrug, if it ever becomes intrusive or oppressive,
Or the Buddhist parasite will lack vigilance once it has become too heavy, it might fall off by itself.
Or else, if it ceases to be something called Buddhism and crumbles down on the floor.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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