The Time is Now

More than letting go
Meditation teaches the subtle art of surrendering
We suddenly stop to play on the mind pitch,

We stop taking part to the ego game.
This is what is called surrendering
Winning on this field
Has stopped being our objective.
Objectives have stopped being our objective.
Our Kingdom is ‘not of this world’,
In this world, yet, we have spent most of our days,
Trying to assert our positions, claim territory,
Expand, covet.
This game is lost for the better, from within.
It can’t actually be won.

From fighting to surrendering : this is when the grace comes in.
Our fighting mind cannot realize this.
This is a call from the depths, unexpected.
It resonates the same way our heart melts down

When we watch our children losing themselves in roads of erring.
As we smile; knowing firmly a day will come when they will know better.

Now is the time,
We know better

©FJ Dec 2021
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Un commentaire

  1. « Now » is the only time.
    All time is « now »
    Maybe there is no time. No when or then. Just « now », ever present.
    « Now », then becomes synonymous with eternity.
    To be « now », therefore, is to ever be.
    If only we might realise that…
    If so, then « now » must be unchanging. Rather, it encompasses all states, and change becomes part of the illusion that holds us.
    What you call « surrender », I might say, is the recognition that we have no reality, save the ever present « now », in which all « is ».
    This makes sense as I type it.
    Tomorrow, it may seem nonsensical.
    Tomorrow, I may be caught up in the illusion.

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