Authoritarian Sitting

Sometimes the meditator treats his knees as he treats his surroundings.
By forcing them into an uncomfortable position, he believes that they will eventually get used to it.

When the pain is heard, he remains deaf to it and takes the opportunity to further establish his authority.
Let’s not sit in an authoritarian spirit.
Let us see the authoritarianism in us express itself.

To our knees, offer listening, relaxation, relief, here and there, of tight knots.

Let’s not sit on — or against — our knees, but sit with our knees.
Let us also free those around us whom, unskilled in perceiving the space of available movements, we keep under our ‘I’, under our yoke.

As the master sits with his disciples, releases the arms, opens the fists,
Allow the knees to be with the rest of the body.

– ©FJ August 2022
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