« I am an Activist »

It is not a question here of criticizing the commitment but of evoking an aspect we see emerging here and there, of inviting to further investigate ourselves in case we’d happen to express it in one or the other of our modalities of existence.

First, political or militant ‘call-to-arms’ is sometimes more of a psychological survival strategy than a positioning in itself.
The individual who acts this way may be completely sincere as he speaks of his commitment. What is at work and engages in him is nevertheless a matter of survival.

A horse that passes and that we straddle, a modality of existing that present itself and that we put on, just to exist, in the eyes of others and our own.

It fits in the place left by of a lack of experience of the depths.
One who walks the Way is less likely to be caught up in these violent currents of militancy. Although in the words of those who mobilize this way, it is a matter of defending founding values, observation reveals all the shallowness it may contain.

Could it be a phenomenon of alibi of existence that we seize and around which we come to agglomerate our identity ingredients (social constructions, language, dress code, argumentative kit, behavior, menu of aspirations ?)
This does not mean that the bodhisattva (practitioner of the Way) has no inclination for such and such position and is always in total neutrality.
This is not the case.

“Simply”, he is no longer fooled by the mechanisms of affirmation at work in these processes nor by their painful consequences: they distance those who cling to them from the strata of consciousness closer to being.

Since then, our action is no longer mere gesticulation: it is precise, light, serene, useful.
The surface thickness is just below the language layers. Those latter are possibly the required fuel to keep the machine running.

By ceasing to invest these places where the flow of identifications comes to bubble, it is normal that the need to take part in the conversations dries up.
So the observation of others seeking by all means to position themselves, becomes finer, more acute.
Through practice, we can more calmly, more solidly offer our silent availability to their suffering. Inside, we know it.

The anguish that grips, through our positions, as we speak to each other with words: the presence of the bodhisattva, his simple presence, invites us to investigate the strata of being. From their places of consciousness, everything is constantly destroying itself or disappearing.

No sooner is a concept born than it begins to tremble, as another is already replacing it.
Without the natural light that passes through the bodhisattva, how could they find relief from suffering ?
This luminous being can be physical of course, but can also radiate in a fortuitous page, in a flash reality as it arrange under our eyes or in an unexpected silence.

– ©FJ August 2022

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    1. Sounding similar to what you quoted is flattering.
      Therefore, I’d gladly agree.
      I must admit, though, I can hardly be sure what those posts are really about once the publish button is pressed.
      Maybe it is a good thing, for I do not have to claim consistency building in accordance with a previous content.

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