“The World To Me”

Many parents try to avoid a true relation with their child,
because they do not feel up to what the child expects from them.

It is not easy, actually, to mean the whole world to someone so fragile,
While having done nothing to deserve it.

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    1. hi Simon,
      I meant ‘deserve’ in a positive way, as in ‘be rewarded by’, be worthy of…

      Are you pointing to a translation error.
      The French here is less ambiguous : « mériter » can be both positive (a prize) and negative ( a sanction),
      I thought ‘deserve’ allowed both as well.
      Am I wrong…

      (in the meantime, I change it for « worthy of »)


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    1. how can that ever be called ‘guilt’ when precisely this is ‘inattentive’ ?
      The experience of guilt and the overcoming thereof is unattainable without attention.

      This is the sad part,
      There can be no guilt for inattentiveness.

      That would be a good landing strip for compassion and forgiveness.

      Just saying.

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