Sitting Meditation: Risks

Watch out —
Zazen involves risks

And we don’t talk about it enough.
Zazen will make you grow.
The practice of sitting, often, in spite of yourself, will open the doors of consciousness and certain things that are easily tolerated or enjoyed by the population will appear incredibly pointless and harmful in your own eyes.

Zazen opens the floodgates and rearranges your energy pipes.
Certain activities will be incredibly facilitated and new potentials will be actualized.
On the other hand, other occupations will become completely unthinkable for you.
Zazen delivers honesty to the core of every act of our lives.
And this has consequences.

Now, you know.

©FJ September 2022
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  1. As for the last line, …Well …One has to come up with some kind of conclusion at one time…

    The knowing here is more a warning, which, I agree, does not change anything, for taking this warning into account would require already ‘knowing’ what kind of reality it is alluding to.

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