More Of This, Less Of That

The posture of Zazen has nothing to do with “more of this, less of that”.

In Zazen, my whole being stands to embrace the Buddha,
Approaching the love of the Buddha,
Feeling the Buddha’s love for all beings.

©FJ September 2022
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3 commentaires

    1. Oh Simon…
      I used the ‘L word and there you go
      calling me emotional…

      I guess this is a place for emotions.
      It has to come out, somehow.

      Meet me in real life and you might as well end up as the emotional one, in comparison.

      Seriously: the love I mention here is not emotional.
      Would you call life energy ’emotional’?

      Happy New Year, Simon
      Thanks again for your attention


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  1. No, but then again, neither was I thinking specifically of the « L » word. I usually skirt over that usage as it has too many meanings to be interpreted safely.

    It was the word « feeling » that triggered the comment (I won’t say the « F » word as that would have some unfortunate connotations).

    I do not trust « feeling », generally.

    If you outdo my rather Vulcan-like (Star Trek reference) unemotionalism in real life, you probably need some form of therapy.

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